Ask Kate and Colby: Can Progressive Christians Still Worship?

We are still taking questions! This week, Matt, who is a worship leader at a progressive Christian church, writes in with a question we've found to be a common one—in fact, it's one we've asked ourselves over the years. When you've embraced a more open and progressive theology, how do then find ways to worship that better align with these values?

The bottom line: it's hard to keep singing songs about substitutionary atonement and total depravity when those things are no longer the crux of your faith. We've had quite a journey with this topic, and it turned out we had a lot to say about where we've found great resources and music to help the people who attend the church we pastor worship in a way that aligns with our mission to help people come alive in the truth that they are loved, liberated, and empowered. You might even be surprised to hear that we didn't completely ditch the whole traditional church music catalog... listen in as we share our thoughts and journey around this issue that so many progressive Christians seem to encounter.

Matthew Blake