a progressive christian podcast



We are Kate and Colby

and we believe in your potential to thrive


Relationships. Parenting. Church. Marriage. Faith. Doubt.

Life can be so chaotic.

Through the unique lens of Progressive Christianity, we want to help you navigate it all. 


We want to help you find your Thrive.


How the Show Works


Each week we'll release a new episode.


Each episode has three segments: Spiritual Nugget, Chaotic Peace, Coming Alive


"Bite Sized Nourishment for the Soul"

Each episode either Kate or Colby will offer a 3-5 minute word of encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment. 

It could be a reflection from the Bible, a story from our lives, or something we've been meditating on that we think will feed your soul.


"Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos"

Life is full of hard things: Relationships, parenting, religion, marriage, spirituality, and so on. The potential for Chaos is around every corner!

Kate and Colby will take one idea or theme each episode and host a conversation around it, giving you a chance to find some peace amidst the chaos.


"Things We're Loving Right Now"

You know that friend who posts their favorite show or book, and your trust in their taste guarantees you'll love it, too? We want to be that for you.

Each show we'll share with you what we've been consuming lately that has helped us come more alive. Books, shows, music, movies, and more!

A Podcast for Progressive Christians wanting to come more alive.


Latest Episodes


The Kate and Colby Show

Recorded and produced in San Diego by Matthew Blake.

Recorded and produced in San Diego by Matthew Blake.