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We are Kate and Colby

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Relationships. Parenting. Church. Marriage. Faith. Doubt.

Life can be so chaotic.

Through the unique lens of Progressive Christianity, we want to help you navigate it all. 


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All New Format for Season 2

You send in your questions.

We give our honest responses.

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Episode 1

Here at The Kate and Colby Show, we buy in to the inherent goodness in all humans. But that belief can get clunky. In the Season 2 Premiere we get in to it!


Episode 8

As self identified "progressive Christians," we often times take a critical posture toward the conservative world from whence we came. In this episode, we respond to one listener who feels like we are "attacking Christianity."


Episode 2

One listener is really struggling with what feels like a "loss of faith in God." So we respond with our thoughts on who/what God is, and what we think about the idea of "faith."

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A Podcast for Progressive Christians wanting to come more alive.


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Recorded and produced in San Diego by Matthew Blake.

Recorded and produced in San Diego by Matthew Blake.